Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Green is in Fashion

Good evening, have I ever mentioned how much I love this band...

So yeah, I love Green Day!!! I've been listening to them loads recently (more than usual) because they help me de-stress from revision. I only have one more exam to go though so yeah!! I'm seeing the boys on June 19th with G and little H at Wembley, exciting stuff!

I was watching Gok Wan's Fashion Fix this eve, I love Brix's high end wardrobe but even Gok pulled out a good few looks this time too. One of them was floral grunge, excuse me but how cool does that sound? Floral skirts, denim jackets, biker boots and crazy jewellery!! I'm totally looking into it, thinking floor length floral skirt, some sort of ditsy tee, hard jacket and my DMs.

Sorted x

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